Publisher last summer Good Shepherd Entertainment and studio Artificer announced Homicidal All-Stars. Since then, the game has been postponed to May 2 and its name has been changed – now it is Showgunners.

Showgunners It’s a turn-based tactic. You play as the bounty hunter Scarlett Martillo, who participates in the Star Massacre show.

Star Massacre is the most popular and most violent reality show of the late 21st century. The situation in society is tense to the limit with income inequality, unscrupulous corporations, natural disasters associated with climate change, high crime and overpopulation. Against this background, “Star Massacre” provides a welcome outlet.

Participating in the show, Scarlett is trying to settle old scores. It’s not just the rivals who put the spokes in the wheels, but also the sponsors of Star Massacre from the Omega Corporation, who can change the rules in the middle of the transfer.

Release Showgunners will take place on PC (Steam, GOG). In the shop valve you can try the demo. Declared text translation into Russian.

July 29, 2022 ⋅ 2

The announcement of Homicidal All-Stars – turn-based tactics about the bloody reality show


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