Players will be able to play for both sides of the conflict. The legendary “Slavic egg clamp” is available.

The collaboration will be available in 2024 with the release of the Berserk set. Russians against Lizards.” You will be able to test your tactical genius in the primordial struggle of the Rus, strong in spirit and body, against the cunning, cursed Lizards.

The set will contain 2 decks of 30 cards, one deck of Russes, and one of Lizards. Players will be able to play Berserk for the legendary Drocheslav son of Sergei, Vseslav the Sorcerer and other heroes, or choose the side of the cunning lizards and use poisons, tricks and MATHEMATICS to establish a new order in Hyperborea.

The developers promise battles for Tyva and Baikalsk – all strictly according to scientific documents. And the art from the game was made by an artist who worked on the original computer version.

The release date of the add-on will be announced later.


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