Fading Earth: Left for Dead is a mobile game in the isometric survival genre. It is available on Google Play USA, Australia, Brazil, France and several other Western countries. The release took place on October 26, according to the Play Market.

Fading Earth: Left for Dead is reminiscent of games from the Kefir studio, where you have to survive by cutting down trees, destroying animals and the dead. Players can also form alliances with their own kind to survive the apocalypse together.

To survive properly in the game Fading Earth: Left for Dead, you need to collect resources and manage them wisely. You also need to build a shelter and improve it, especially for defense.

As zombies are destroyed, players will unlock new biomes. With each expansion, new threats and challenges will appear. As for the battles, they take place in an automatic format – you just need to assemble a group of heroes. Sometimes they will face bosses who have active skills.

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