Sunday City is a new mobile game in the life simulation genre. It is published by the Kefir studio, but so far you can only play it in 3 countries: Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Sunday City invites players to plunge into virtual life by creating their own avatar and meeting real people in beautiful cities, on picturesque beaches and so on.

For newcomers to Sunday City, there are different professions, from pizza delivery man to millionaire. You can get a lot of money through honest work or through various “loopholes.”

Players will increase their prestige by completing daily tasks and receiving money. They will be able to buy premium cars, wear luxury brands and attend private parties.

Sunday City may never appear in Russia, since this game has a casino. And I’m not talking about the gacha system, but about specific places where the rich live or those who want to get rich.

So far, the game has a low rating of 2.7 stars on the Canadian App Store.

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