Subpar Pool is a game for smartphones, Nintendo Switch and PC about an unusual billiards game. The fact is that balls have eyes, and maybe emotions. The release will take place on October 12. There are no pages in the App Store or Google Play yet.

The unusual game Subpar Pool is made by the developer grapefrukt, who previously worked on holedown, twofold inc. and rymdkapsel. On the official website there are “gifs” and screenshots from Subpar Pool. Judging by them, gameplay can be both vertical and horizontal.

One of the advantages of Subpar Pool is the random generation of levels. The goal of the players is to score all the balls in a certain number of moves. Moreover, at each level there are several tables, and each new step of the player affects the drawing of the next game. Also, for the next level you need to choose a set of cards that change the gameplay.

Edition TouchArcade states that Subpar Pool will cost $5 on smartphones and $10 on other platforms. This is a great price tag for a project with high replayability.



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