MMORPGs are already considered not the easiest to manage, but some want additional complexity. Streamer SuperLouis64 decided to diversify his game for the Scholar class in
Final Fantasy XIV
and made himself a controller-book, like his avatar. GamesRadar+ told about an unusual case.

The blogger used an impromptu pencil to write spells in a book. Of course, it was not possible to shove the entire arsenal of the wizard into the device. It also affected the speed of the hero’s casting – in raids, he had to ask his comrades to resurrect characters, since this process took too much precious time for him.

SuperLouis64 regularly experiments with ways to manage games. Streamer beat the spirit out of the bosses in Elden Ring
boxing gloves, rode an exercise bike in mario kartand in FFXIV I also used a bow with arrows, pizza and even a fat cat as controllers.

While bloggers dabble, engineers valve
add official support for unusual controllers to Steam. Previously, a beta client was made available to connect the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch.


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