Gaius Julius Caesar is rightfully considered one of the top rulers of Ancient Rome. Therefore, the developers from the Firefly studio did not come up with anything better than to create a mobile game Romans: Age of Caesar. It is made in the “MMORTS” genre, in the setting of Ancient Rome during the reign of Caesar (not to be confused with salad).

Romans: Age of Caesar released on iOS and Android on October 2 worldwide. This project has in-game purchases, and it also has waves of uneducated barbarians, who strive to destroy the beautiful and strong walls of your empire. They must be dealt with by war.

In addition to endless wars, players will participate in the political life of Rome, fighting with words in the Senate to strengthen their power.

The developers of Romans: Age of Caesar promise constant updates and trade with other cities. I note that since 2022, this game has received mixed reviews on Steam. And this despite the fact that it contains Russian. What PC gamers didn’t like the most was that it was a strategy with “mobile roots.”

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