The story-driven sandbox thriller Winter Survival has acquired a new gameplay trailer with examples of improved visuals and graphics due to the transition to Unreal Engine 5. The new product from DRAGO Entertainment is scheduled for February 28 next year, only for PC via Steam And EGS, and even with Russian subtitles. Nothing is known about console ports yet.

Winter Survival will take us to a strange abandoned city among endless mountains and snowy fields. There we will have to rebuild a shelter, collect resources and somehow survive the sub-zero temperature. But the main problem is not the lack of food and warmth – the main character’s mind can very quickly become clouded due to loneliness.

The game will be released in early access, but we will immediately be able to try out three survival modes:

  • The first of them is “Plot” In it we will find missing people, meet our friends and, perhaps, be able to see our home again;
  • Second – “Cold Wave” – will plunge us into a very harsh survival among constantly changing weather, hunger and wild nature;
  • Well, the third one – “Infinity“—an opportunity to conquer this harsh corner of the world. Lots of resources, unlimited crafting possibilities and complete freedom of action.



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