valve continues to increase the potential of Steam, and not in the most obvious ways. Now the engineers Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) got to one of the most unusual controllers of our time – Joy-Con from Nintendo Switch. Support for the device was reported in the description of the latest update to the beta client.

Users of the Steam test build will be able to connect the Joy-Con in both ways – both as mini-gamepads and as a pair of devices. Players should not forget that the connection works via Bluetooth: either the function must be built into the computer’s motherboard, or you will have to purchase an external USB adapter.

Enthusiasts, of course, have been able to get Joy-Con working on PC for a long time, but Steam also regularly adds support for various accessories to save users from another dance with a tambourine. Official support for the same Nintendo Switch Pro Controller was added in 2018.

In the same year valve published interesting statistics of devices used by players. In addition to the obvious fans of gamepads from Sony and Microsoft there are hundreds of thousands of retrogrades who just can’t stop playing on SNES and Gamecube controllers.


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