Katana ZERO Mobile – mobile port Katana Zero. The beta test for Android in China started on August 4 for the project. The game can be downloaded via Chinese market. It was not necessary to apply to participate, but the test is limited – perhaps this is a hint at the time or the number of players. One way or another, you should hurry up and download Katana ZERO Mobile.

Testing Katana ZERO Mobile will end on August 10th. During the test, 3 chapters are open: factory, hotel and party. While the beta is free to play, the game will be premium upon release.

Katana ZERO Mobile is a 2D action game where players destroy enemies with katana and traps. Interestingly, the developers left the Russian mats intact. They were even left in Cyrillic. And here is the rest of the text in Chinese, including some of the selection buttons during story cutscenes.

Katana ZERO has received extremely positive reviews from PC gamers since its release in 2019.

Katana ZERO Mobile System Requirements

  • Snapdragon 460 or better;
  • 64-bit OS;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • Android 8+.

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