Starsky is a mobile game in the space simulator genre, the premium version of which appeared in mid-October on Google Play. The project takes inspiration from Starfield and No Man’s Sky, offering survival on planets and the destruction of aliens. In between, you can fly in space.

Only if you were in doubt about purchasing a mobile game for 329 rubles, then now there is an alternative – Starsky Lite. It’s free and released on November 4th on Google Play. There is no version for iOS yet.

Starsky Lite also has a “Beta” postscript, but in the “What’s new” section it is the same as the premium version:

  • Optimization;
  • New Planet “Miller”;
  • Bug fixes;
  • New creatures;
  • Improved gameplay;
  • New missions.

The only thing that Starsky is missing so far is multiplayer, but downloads are still low: 100+. At the same time, this project has few competitors in the App Store and Google Play, if any.

Players will upgrade their armor, obtain new weapons and complete missions during which they must rescue colonists and capture valuable alien artifacts.

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