According to Deadline, the film “Return to Silent Hill” (Return to Silent Hill) acquired actors for the main roles. Jeremy Irvine (Jeremy Irvine; “War Horse”) will play James Sunderland, and Hannah Emily Anderson (Hannah Emily Anderson; “Saw 8”) to his wife, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland.

New film adaptation Silent Hill removes Christoph Hans (Cristophe Gans) is the director of the first film in the franchise.

“Return to Silent Hill” is a mythological love story about someone who is so deeply in love that he is ready to go to hell to save his wife. I’m glad that wonderful talents Jeremy Irvine And Hannah Emily Anderson will take us on a journey through the psychological world of horror that will hopefully satisfy and surprise fans Silent Hill.

Christoph Hans

Hans along with Sandra Vaughn (Sandra Vo-Anh; “The beauty and the Beast” 2014 together with Hans) and William Joseph Schneider (William Josef Schneider; no notable work) writes a screenplay that is based on Silent Hill 2.

The film will feature iconic monsters, including Pyramid Head. True, the design of the monsters will be modernized.

Filming will begin in April in Germany and Eastern Europe. The tape has no release date yet, but it is unlikely that it will appear before 2024.

Announcement of Return to Silent Hill - a film based on the second game

October 20, 2022 ⋅ 5

Announcement of Return to Silent Hill – a film based on the second game


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