Yesterday – November 20th – Starfield finally received the first big update since the release, which took place on September 6 of this year. Bethesda has released patch 1.8.86 with DLSS support and frame generation for PC and Xbox Series X|S. As stated by an expert from a technical site Digital Foundry Alex Batalia, with the latest update the game has become close to the version it should have been at release. At the same time, there are still many bugs and shortcomings in it.

List of main changes in patch 1.8.86

  • Bethesda added a feature from its previous games to Starfield – there are “sweet rolls” directly from the table, and not just from the inventory. Now players don’t have to waste time moving food around;
  • We changed the stealth system, making it more “forgiving”;
  • Fixed strange behavior of the camera when flying in space;
  • We did something to the faces of passing NPCs – now they do not cause a heart attack in the player. We also fixed the graphics a little, changing the shadows, terrain and vegetation;
  • Added DLSS scaling, DLAA anti-aliasing and frame generation technologies from Nvidia. And also Reflex Low latency;
  • We optimized the game to work with multi-threaded processors and overall increased performance by approximately 10 FPS;
  • Fixed a memory leak, fixed impossible quests and save bugs;
  • Added brightness and contrast adjustment in display settings.

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