Eric Baron, the creator of Stardew Valley, has once again gone public with news about Haunted Chocolatier. The developer’s “Western social network” had one million subscribers, which is why Eric decided to please the audience with screenshots of the chocolate project. The new footage shows a battle scene in the forest and three new locations: the interior of a house, a library and a city square.

Haunted Chocolatier continues Stardew Valley in every way, using the same visual style and approach to gameplay. The main difference is in the story. This time, players will no longer deal with problems on the farm, but will begin to make and sell their own chocolate.

Eric Baron himself has not yet decided on the final type of game. According to him, the project is based on the production and trading of chocolate, and other mechanics and details appear gradually as development progresses.

Haunted Chocolatier does not have a release date, but is planned for release on PC. You can follow the development of the game via blog or “Western social networks” of the developer. It is there that Eric sometimes posts screenshots and shares news about his projects.


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