SpongeBob Adventures: In A Jam is an arcade and cartoon idle game for smartphones. It is available on iOS and Android in the Philippines, Ukraine, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Thailand. Players will follow the antics of SpongeBob and his friend Patrick. Together they will rediscover and rebuild the city of Bikini Bottom.

Also in the mobile game SpongeBob Adventures: In A Jam, you need to complete the tasks of Mr. Krabs – he constantly needs ingredients for juicy Krabby Patties. Although there is no Russian language in this project, the developers from Tilting Point broke the gameplay into short tasks from different heroes: Sponge Bob, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Krabs.

At the start, the player of SpongeBob Adventures: In A Jam completes a bunch of tasks and pumps the level of his profile, unlocking new parts of Bikini Bottom. Only since this is a F2P and idle game for smartphones, the developers have added an energy level. Probably, it will not be enough to complete all tasks at once in one run.

In general, the mobile game SpongeBob Adventures: In A Jam has a lot more locations than Bikini Bottom:

  • Fields of jellyfish;
  • New Kelp City;
  • Atlantis;
  • Other familiar locations from SpongeBob SquarePants.

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