The new special operation will take players to the Scandinavian Fjords, where they will find a plot revolving around the pharmaceutical company Nakai, as well as a new agent with the call sign “Raven”.

The plot of the special operation revolves around the pharmaceutical company Nakai. Her corporate mansion was attacked by the Blackwood Squad and her director was taken hostage. As they advance and clear the facility from enemy forces, Warface fighters and General Wharton learn the unpleasant truth about both the residence and the Nakai corporation.

A new agent with the call sign “Raven” has appeared in the game, whose mysterious story will unfold as the story progresses. And soon players will meet another agent with the call sign “Vepr”.

To effectively complete the Fjord special operation, players are recommended to carefully distribute roles in the team and combine the advantages of different game classes. When choosing a weapon, you should choose models with a large amount of ammunition, so as not to waste time constantly reloading in battle.


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