Travel through space in search of wealth, build your base and defend it from alien threats in a procedurally generated open world with zero gravity.

The SquarePlay Games studio, with the support of the publisher Paradox Interactive, has released the game Space Trash Scavenger in Steam Early Access. This is a space survival simulator in a sandbox format with a third-person view. The game takes place in a procedurally generated world where players must mine resources, craft equipment, and trade.

Here, players are hired by the mega-corporation ScavCorp to collect a variety of resources from space debris, abandoned outposts and shipwrecks for further processing at their space base. At the base, scavengers will be able to improve their equipment, produce food and fuel, and prepare to defend against alien threats.

On the occasion of the title’s release into early access, you can buy it with a 20% discount. The release of Space Trash Scavenger will take place in 6-12 months.


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