Publisher Paradox Arc, known for the simulators Mechabellum and Stardeus, together with the studio SquarePlay Games have announced an early access date for their open-world space sandbox Space Trash Scavenger. The game was announced two years ago, and on November 9 it will move to a new stage and reach early access in Steam. By the way, the sandbox is exclusive to PC.

In an incredibly short 20-second video, we were shown the release date for early access and a bit of gameplay, from which it is definitely too early to draw conclusions. At first glance, nothing much has changed from the time of announcement trailer, but it’s better to wait for the game to come out.

The developers promise that Space Trash Scavenger will feature procedurally generated asteroid fields, abandoned outposts and destroyed spaceships that can be explored to collect resources. Various space monsters will interfere with this, from which it is better to protect ourselves with homemade blasters and armor. And in order not to carry everything in the pockets of your spacesuit, you will have to build your own space station with various installations and workbenches.



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