Studio TeamKill Media has risen to the last step before the release of the space horror shooter Quantum Error and released a release trailer. The game will be released on November 3rd only for PlayStation 5, with a port for PC and Xbox Series X|S expected later. For players who pre-ordered, access will open tomorrow.

Quantum Error will take us to the distant future, when the world is ruled not by people, but by AI and cyborgs. But don’t think, this is not some kind of Terminator – it’s just that artificial intelligence has taken an irreplaceable place in everyday life, and implants from the Monad company are in people’s heads.

The game takes place in 2109, somewhere in the California region. An unknown entity attacks an implant company and takes over a research facility. We – fire captain Jacob Thomas – will have to lead the rescue mission and get the surviving scientists out of the fire.

Did you know?

For the PlayStation 5 version of Quantum Error, we plan to have incredibly fast loading screens, cool haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as well as interaction with the gamepad microphone as one of the mechanics.


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