Developers from ChillyRoom are conducting an open beta test of the game Soul Knight Prequel. You can play through Google Play Philippines, but the client is downloaded and bypassed. To log into the servers, you need to create an account from ChillyRoom or use a Play Market account.

The Soul Knight Prequel beta test runs on Android from November 1st to November 6th. After testing is completed, all progress will be lost.

In Soul Knight Prequel, the main goal is to create your avatar, choose a class for him and go into battle with bot opponents. This will allow you to level up, collect new equipment and find treasures. The content is divided into seasons, so if you don’t want to miss out on temporary events, you need to log into the servers at least once a day.

Soul Knight Prequel also allows you to participate in multiplayer battles, destroying monsters together with friends or random companions. Players are also given freedom in choosing the leveling branch for their hero – class 1 may have several of them.

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