Soul Dance Party is an online multiplayer dance game from 1C Entertainment. Although users have been waiting for the release since 2015, it was released only in June 2021 and has already managed to gather fans around it. What is it about this game that appeals to so many people? And was it worth waiting for such a long time?

The essence of the game

Hearing the name of the game, someone may remember the American musical TV show Soul Train Dancers. And if the audience of the last century learned about the current fashion trends in the world of music and dance from this program, for the new generation Soul Dance Party can become such a source.

The main theme of the Soul Dance Party is, of course, dancing. But, in addition, the game provides an opportunity to create your own virtual world. It kind of reminds me of The Sims. Here, players can also work out the appearance of their character, and not only in terms of clothing. And also equip him with a house and a garden. Plus, the open world of the game allows you to find new friends.


To start conquering the dance floors, the user needs to acquire a character, which he creates himself. The “assembly” of a newly minted star consists of the following steps: choosing a gender and character type, and then adjusting basic parameters such as physique, facial features and image. However, do not be afraid that your hero will get bored walking in the same outfit. Soul Dance Party allows you to dress up and change your look as you progress through the game. According to the developers, there are already more than 1,000 items of clothing in the game. And the user can show off his taste and sense of style by sending his character to walk along the catwalk.

The situation is much the same with home improvement. Passing new levels, the player will be able to improve the interior of his apartment, acquire new furniture, appliances and accessories. If you wish, you can organize a party here.

Although the house is cozy and good, your character is created for movement and communication. Therefore, feel free to send him into the world to meet exciting tasks and acquaintances.

You can play in different modes. The player can choose from:

  • classic Mode,
  • rhythm mode,
  • dancing with a partner
  • dancing against bosses and other players,
  • dance battles 1×1, 3×3 and other game formats.

In addition, there are quests (for example, In the power of shadows, Pandora’s Diary, Gold Coast, Plush cat, Domino, etc.).

The character is controlled by pressing the arrows to the beat of the music.

A nice bonus for animal lovers will be the opportunity to make a four-legged friend. A trifle, but nice.

Dance and music

The creation of choreographies was taken seriously, so the dances were composed with the participation of professional dancers.

However, dancing in silence is not particularly interesting. And the music in Soul Dance Party is also all right. The game uses hits of the past, present and, possibly, the future, because the developers are constantly updating and supplementing their creation. So the players will obviously dance along with their characters.

Graphic arts

The game runs on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, which determines the beauty of the picture. And the graphics in Soul Dance Party are really pleasantly surprising. Bright and rich colors, high-quality animation and realistic movements will leave users with only pleasant impressions.


Thus, the love of the fans is absolutely justified, given the advantages of the game, namely:

  • the involvement of professional dancers in the creation of the game and, as a result, realistic character movements;
  • open world, communication with other people and new acquaintances;
  • the ability to create a unique character and the presence of a large number of items for its customization;
  • constant updates;
  • high-quality and realistic graphics;
  • cool soundtrack consisting of hits of all time.

Immerse yourself in the world of club dances and parties. Show your creativity. Meet new people and make friends. And, most importantly, show who is the star of the dance floor here. Moreover, in order to start your dancing career, you need to download the 1C Games application on their official website and install the game. And you can do it completely free.


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