Sonic Dream Team is a new game that combines elements of runners and platformers. It offers rich 3D visuals with dynamic gameplay, destroying enemies and collecting gold rings.

Publisher SEGA made an interesting knight move – they decided to release the game only on iOS and only for Apple Arcade. This is good news for Apple, which by some miracle still keeps its gaming service afloat. But overall, Sonic the Hedgehog fans didn’t like the news.

Sonic Dream Team will be released on the App Store 5th of December. In addition to Sonic, you can control other characters – there are 6 of them in total and each has its own unique characteristics. Therefore, you can not only run, but also fly.

Players will run along walls, change gravity and save friends, so that in the end fight Dr. Eggman. The fact is that this villain has taken up his task again – he has stolen an ancient artifact capable of turning dreams into reality. I definitely wouldn’t refuse this.

There will be no Russian language or controller support.

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