Sol Frontiers: Idle Strategy is a mobile game that is available in the App Store and Google Play in 3 countries: India, New Zealand and Sweden. The project is made in the “idle strategy” genre, where the emphasis is on creating your own space fleet.

In Sol Frontiers: Idle Strategy you need to summon new heroes by bringing them out of a long sleep in a cryochamber. This will allow you to quickly attack alien invaders in auto-battles and open up new territories. Also, for victories, the player will receive new loot, including character experience.

Sol Frontiers: Idle Strategy can be praised for its beautiful graphics, clear interface and engaging sound. Also, the developers were not lazy and added Russian localization.

I expect that in Sol Frontiers: Idle Strategy you can get AFK rewards after setting up supply chains. You also need to research new technologies, increasing the potential of your race. As for the online elements, the developers are silent about them.

This is important to know!

Our insiders indicate that they cannot download the Sol Frontiers client through Google Play. The problem is on the developers’ side.

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