JungoJam is a mobile game in the sandbox genre with multiplayer, where gamers can become anyone and realize themselves.

JungoJam is like a mixture of Portal Knights and Minecraft. The developers also added dinosaurs. The big ones need to be fought, and the small ones need to be tamed with food.

An early version of JungoJam is available on Google Play in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand and Philippines.

Players will be able to build the city of their dreams, go on boss raids together, and create beautiful home interiors using 100+ items and furniture. This will allow build your business, for example, a restaurant with ice cream and other goodies. As a result, some players will act as visitors, while others will act as waiters, bartenders, and so on.

And if someone breaks the law, then you can take the side of justice, sign up as a police officer and catch criminals. You can also ride in police or fire trucks. I am glad that the developers have added various events, for example, fires in the city.

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