If you don’t like to get your hands dirty in close combat, preferring to hit enemies from afar, then the sniper is perfect for you. They are excellent shooters, capable of both dealing tons of damage to a single target and killing multiple enemies at once. Using firearms, they are able to achieve truly amazing results in terms of damage, which puts them in one of the first places in this parameter. Without further ado, let’s dive into this class.


The very style of the sniper’s game depends on the choice of weapons, so it’s worth talking about this in more detail.

In total, three main types of weapons will be available to you:

Mortar – this is the choice of those who prefer “immediately and for sure.” Mortars have a low attack speed, however, they are capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage per shot. As a general rule, mortar snipers tend to focus on increasing their critical strike chance. Mortar tactic – one powerful stream of abilities to destroy or greatly weaken the enemy, retreat, wait for cooldowns to cool down and repeat. Due to their low damage per second, Mortars are not in demand in PvE, but they are great for battles with other players.

Dual Pistols – this weapon, on the contrary, is only suitable for PvE battles, being the exact opposite of a mortar. The emphasis in dual pistol play is on massive damage per second, which is achieved through huge attack speed and high damage from basic attacks. This works great against bosses in dungeons, but in PvP, no one will wait for you to accelerate.

Shotguns – a compromise between the two above weapons. Shotguns have average damage, rate of fire, and critical strike, which makes them quite acceptable both in battles with players and in dungeons. However, this versatility has its downsides. The gun does everything well, but it does nothing really well.


Unlike other classes, snipers use a unique resource to use their abilities – focus, which is gained right during the battle. For points of focus, you can strengthen the main attacking skills and maximize your damage. Depending on the playstyle you choose, you will use auto-attacks less or more often, but it is impossible to do without them.


Like any class, a sniper with a level receives free parameter points that can be invested in the characteristics he needs. It all depends on your taste, however, it is recommended to concentrate on the following characteristics:

1. Accuracy – Grants 2 attacks per point of accuracy.
2. Agility – Attack speed is increased by 0.25% per point of dexterity.
3. Endurance – Gives 67 health points per point of stamina.
4. Luck – Critical hit chance will be increased by 0.33% per point of luck.

In addition, for every ten points of the parameter, the player receives an additional bonus to the characteristics. For the sniper, these bonuses are as follows:

1. Accurate – Grants 15 attacks for every 10 points of accuracy.
2. Dodger – Attack speed increases by 2.5% for every 10 points of dexterity.
3. big guy – Gain 15 extra energy for every 10 stamina.
4. lucky – Critical hit chance will be increased by 1% for every 10 points of luck.

There is no single correct build for a sniper, and each option has the right to life. You can allocate attribute points according to your preferences. However, here are some basic tips:

1. Accuracy – In case you want to play as a mortar, then raise this characteristic to 100. If you prefer pistols or a gun, you can safely download other parameters.
2. Agility – It will be useful for any sniper, but especially valuable for fans of dual pistols. If you are one of those, be sure to raise this characteristic to 100.
3. Endurance – Mostly useful for PvP battles, where survivability can be much more important than damage. If you plan to participate in mass PvP – raise up to 100.
4. Luck – The most important characteristic for a mortar. Great for PvE, where critical hits can deal massive amounts of damage.


Sniper is a character that deals a huge amount of damage at a distance, but has a low survival rate. This forces us to play carefully and stay as far away from the fight as possible, pouring fire on opponents from afar. Never climb in front of the tank and try to watch your damage so as not to accidentally draw the attention of enemies to yourself. By forcing healers to be distracted by you, you let the group down and risk losing the entire fight.

The sniper’s playstyle is more passive, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to move. As a rule, you will have to constantly move around, dodging massive attacks. A gaping sniper becomes dead very soon, so during the game, focus on not taking too much damage and not being a burden to the group. If you’re playing as a mortar, it’s a good idea to save your combo for a particularly strong enemy. Discharged into it – immediately retreat, as you are very vulnerable during the cooldown of skills.


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