This gadget can save you from the most unpleasant episodes of caring for a pet, and also allows you to spend more time playing rather than routine worries.

PAWBBY has several advantages over traditional cat litter boxes.

Firstly, the device automatically recognizes when the cat enters the litter box and after it leaves it, it detects waste and removes it, sending it to a sealed trash can. This allows you to avoid an unpleasant odor and the growth of bacteria in the tray, and besides, the tank is designed for a large volume of waste: it can not be cleaned for two weeks (if you have one cat), and cleaning is easy and simple, without the risk of getting dirty.

Secondly, PAWBBY “monitors” the cat’s routine, noting the number of trips to the toilet and their duration, changes in the pet’s weight and other parameters. This data is synchronized with the mobile application, and if the device detects that the pet’s condition has changed, it will alert its owner.

Thirdly, the model can be used by several cats at the same time: in the application, you can “attach” up to four pets to the tray, and it will track the condition of each of them. In the application, you can specify the name, weight and other data of the animal, and the device will update information about each of them in real time. Wherein PAWBBY “separates” adult cats from kittens, and contains the option of adapting young cats to the litter box.

And these are not all the advantages of the device. For example, only natural plants are used here as raw materials, excluding chemical additives. This improves animal health and prevents diseases associated with pollution and the use of chemicals.

The tray also has a number of safety options: auto-cleaning of the tray is disabled while the pet is inside, and if the device tips over, it will emit a sound and send a notification to the application to notify the owner of the situation. The design of the model prevents any injury to the cat.

Finally, the informative OLED display is very convenient and easy to use, and the design of the device will fit into any interior, and also provide useful space: the upper part can be used to store cat food, litter and other items.

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