The Mibro T2 smart watch is suitable for girls and boys who are tired of the small screens of fitness bracelets and are looking for something close to the Apple Watch.

The Mibro T2 smartwatch allows you to answer calls and is suitable for both iOS and Android. NFC and Bluetooth are available, but contactless payment does not work in Russia.

Despite the low price, Mibro T2 has an AMOLED display that works smoothly thanks to the updated chip. The watch also lasts 10 days without recharging, which is an achievement for the Chinese budget segment.

Xiaomi also promises conversation through the Mibro T2 microphone. And if you can’t talk, you can reject the call and send a short message. At the same time, the smartphone remains in your pocket, which is convenient in cold weather.

There are no complaints about the screen – if you don’t tell your friends, you’ll get questions like: “How much did you buy the Apple Watch for?”

The AMOLED screen also supports the “Always-On Display” function, so you can always check the time without turning on the display.

Despite the motto “Made in China”, the Mibro T2 watch supports GLONASS, so it’s impossible to get lost with it.

Conventional pedometer watches are a thing of the past – Mibro T2 reads your activity in 6 axes.

If you have problems sleeping and are overtired, then monitoring your sleep day and night will allow you to understand what is wrong with your body. Mibro T2 will not act as a doctor, but showing the doctor statistics is a good thing.

Mibro T2 price

The original price of Mibro T2 is 11,500 rubles. Buying this watch from the link you will save more than 4,000 rubles.

To save another 5%, do the following.

Step 1

Go link to the product page in Ozone.

Step 2

Click on “I want a discount”.

Step 3

Select a 5% discount and click “Request Discount”.

Step 4

In questions to the seller, write “I want a mibro watch.”

Step 5

Wait for the discount.

Mibro GS Pro

The Mibro GS Pro smart watch is suitable for lovers of active recreation and outdoor sports. This watch supports 105 sports modes and also has a 1.43-inch AMOLED display. Appearance – classic and premium sports watches.

To avoid having to buy a solar battery or power banks, Xiaomi took care of the Mibro GS Pro battery – it works up to 20 days in active mode.

Mibro GS Pro is not just a beautiful appearance – the body is made of premium 316L steel. Therefore, it does not rust, is resistant to damage and looks solid.

Also, the Mibro GS Pro watch can be worn not only while walking in the forest – it will go well with a classic suit, as well as casual wear.

Mibro GS Pro has a barometer, altimeter and 9-axis activity tracking.

Mibro GS Pro price

The original price of the Mibro GS Pro smartwatch is RUB 13,650. If buy this device using our linkthen you can save more than 5,000 rubles.

To receive an additional 5% discount, request it through the product page on Ozon.


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