The new city manager of Cities: Skylines 2 received the first post-release patch aimed at improving the technical part of the project.

The Colossal Order company and the publishing house Paradox note that this is so far the first update in a series of planned ones, which are designed to make the game more optimized in the future. At the launch, Cities: Skylines 2 had a lot of problems, which led to the fact that even on powerful PCs the project showed strong drops in FPS, which is why the new product received a lot of criticism from players.

Changes in the current patch:

  • LOD has been decoupled from rendering resolution to improve performance when playing at high resolutions
  • Minor fog optimizations
  • Optimization and editing of depth of field, global illumination
  • Optimization of freezes when buildings appear or are upgraded
  • Optimization of various types of stutters in all systems
  • Crashes fixed

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