Spin-off starts at the end of the week Bayonetta about the youth of the main character of the franchise. Critics greeted the game not as warmly as the main parts of the series, but quite adequately – 80/100 on Metacritic and 81/100 on OpenCritic.

Most often praised art design Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – in particular, stylized as a book of fairy tales. The reviewers also liked the combat system, where the player controls two characters at once – Seresa and Cheshire. Some did not like the excessive simplicity, which, however, may come to those who are not familiar with franchise.

We have selected conclusions from five reviews with different ratings.

You realize you’ve gone through something special when you’re overcome by a bitter joy during the credits. After graduation Bayonetta Origins I couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful she is.

From impressive story moments full of childlike charm to elaborate platform puzzles and captivating combat, this is a great action-adventure game where every detail adds up to a playable storybook. True, the unusual concept with two characters does not develop much throughout the game – perhaps otherwise Bayonetta Origins would leave an even stronger aftertaste.

But I still cherish this journey, which was brought to life thanks to the excellent art style, amazing voice acting and outstanding soundtrack. Bayonetta Origins is the icing on the cake for the iconic franchise. I’m glad we got to know the story of our favorite witch better.

Michael Higham (Michael Higham)

The small scale and focus on the fans of the series does not play into the hands Bayonetta Origins at a price of $60. But when I played it, I was reminded of several classic games of the 90s, including The Lost Vikings and whimsical Gobliins. It plays really fresh, but only if you like the storybook format, which adds the lion’s share of charm.

Chris Carter (Chris Carter)

Bayonetta Origins is a small and neat adventure. I appreciated the other side of Seresa and her story. Combat gets kinda frenetic once you get used to the dual combat system. On the other hand, the “combat” greatly limits Cereza, despite her development in the plot, and Cheshire’s indestructibility nullifies her elegant notes. The puzzles aren’t particularly memorable, although if their purpose is to provide a breather between battles, then they manage to do so.

Hirun Cryer (Hirun Cryer)

ideologically Bayonetta Origins sometimes it seems unfinished. In battles, two pairs of fists are better than one, but the adventure part of the game falls short of the combat part. We’ve come to expect a high level of ingenuity and style from this studio, but this isn’t pure platinum. [игру сделала PlatinumGames — Ред.].

Matthew Castle (Matthew Castle)

Weird spin-off with almost nothing to interest fans Bayonetta. Instead, it offers a lite version Ōkami – so undemanding to the player that it seems as if it works on autopilot.

David Jenkins (David Jenkins)

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Coming March 17th for Nintendo Switch. You can already download the demo. There is support for the Russian language.


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