Silent Hill: Ascension is a new mobile game from Genvid Entertainment. Previously, the developers did not want to say which platforms this project would be released on, but after the page appeared on Google Play, it became clear that this would be a mobile game or even a cross-platform one.

Western editions transmitthat Silent Hill: Ascension will be released on October 31st. I expect an App Store page to appear later. More information on the game will be coming “soon”.

It’s difficult to understand from the trailer what genre Silent Hill: Ascension belongs to. At the end of the video, the caption “Experience your fears together” appears. This could hint at co-op or even multiplayer. And since there will be several monsters, you can expect gameplay in the Dead by Daylight format – survivors try to hide from predators.

Silent Hill: Ascension players will also be able to “change the Silent Hill canon forever.” The developers also promise new monsters. Interestingly, the screenshots were taken in the “live broadcast” format. Perhaps we can expect pre-rendered gameplay and QTE moments.

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