The mobile game Don’t Starve: New Home will undergo beta testing on Android. You can sign up for it from September 19 to October 6. To do this, players need applyin which you may be asked to indicate a Chinese WeChat or QQ account, or in the worst case, to indicate and confirm a Chinese phone number.

The new Don’t Starve: New Home beta will give players access to a new season with co-op challenges and rewards.

New content in Don’t Starve: New Home

The new season of Don’t Starve: New Home is called “Summer of Incandescent Fire.” Players will undergo new survival challenges. The main danger is high temperature. For victories, gamers will collect season points and receive rewards.

And when a Don’t Starve: New Home player reaches level 8, a new mode opens up for him. Details have not yet been disclosed.

Gamers will also be able to unlock fragments of new heroes.

As for houses, there will now be more levels and decorations for them.


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