WorldShards is a PC game in the MMORPG genre with elements from sandbox projects. Gamers will work together to create a shelter, cut down trees and fight monsters using medieval weapons. You can also farm and craft items.

The WorldShards beta test will begin at the end of 2023. For now you can register through the official websiteindicating your email.

One of the advantages of WorldShards is that it is in the game there will be Russian language, according to the Steam page. The graphics are beautiful and look even better than in the acclaimed Valheim. There will be several biomes, including forest and snowy fields. As for character progression, there will be no levels; The gaming style is determined only by equipment: armor and weapons. To win, you can use stealth, gadgets and customization.

WorldShards players will solve different puzzles and complete tasks, earning valuable rewards. In addition to real gamers, there will be NPCs who help with various tasks at the base. The project will probably be F2P with donation and an independent market through which you can buy and sell rare items.



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