Relaunch Developers saints row put a lot of effort into customization, whether it’s the appearance of the protagonist or the style of his comrades. You will also be able to show your creative abilities in car tuning – the new video is dedicated to this aspect.

The video is stylized as an advertisement for the Jim Rob’s workshop. The voice-over says that in this place any ideas of the client can be realized – from simple painting to turning a car into a shark car. To do this, the office has a lot of body kits, body types, neon lights and other things “so that you never lose your car in the parking lot again.”

saints row launches August 23 on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox. Previously, the team showed what and how you can customize in the game. To the delight of users, the character editor was released in advance boss factorybut in Russia you can not get it.


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