Beyond Sunset is a cyberpunk first-person shooter where players take on the role of Lucy. This is an upgraded street samurai who must regain his memories.

Beyond Sunset is reminiscent of the first DOOM-type FPS with 2.5D graphics. Only this time the player can rotate the camera 360 degrees. This will help during dynamic boss battles.

Beyond Sunset will open early access on November 8th on Steam. A total of 3 episodes will be available, and 2 more will appear in the future. For now, you can try the demo version.

In addition to the katana, players will be able to use assault rifles. Gradually you can unlock new weapons. The developers also promise an original soundtrack in the synthwave genre.

How is Beyond Sunset different from other games?

In it you can jump like Ghostrunner, cut enemies into pieces and shoot their shields to throw them into the air and slam the enemy into a wall.

What other games have been published by Movie Games SA?

You can try the new truck driver simulator – Alaskan Road Truckers.



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