Ship Simulator is a mobile game that was released on August 2 on Google Play and September 29 on the App Store. This is a 2D simulator of cargo transportation on a ship, and gamers control the entire process: first, they must independently load construction vehicles or building materials, but so that the weight does not exceed the maximum load. Then the player transports the cargo on the ship, monitoring the temperature of the engine – if it overheats, black smoke and even fire will come out of the chimney.

Also in Ship Simulator you need to watch the waves – if they are large, the ship can even be thrown back, causing damage to the cargo. It is also worth keeping an eye on the safety of the cargo, as it “walks” freely on the deck and can drown.

The final goal in Ship Simulator is to build a nuclear power plant. The developers promise an impressive list of ships for routes of varying complexity. Players will earn more money for completing orders.

As a result, you can open a fleet of equipment – from an old tugboat to famous tractors of the 20th century.

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