Today we will consider the Shadow Master class, we will analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the fact that many people can’t stand this class. Ask why? Well, even for the fact that the hero has “inviz”, huge DPS and even more stuns. In short, the hero is what you need. And for the arsenal it is better to keep quiet, because there is a dagger, and sharp deadly shurikens, as well as poison and bombs. So what are its features, this Shadow Masters?

The master has 14 skills, they can and should be pumped. What does it give you? Firstly, – combat tactics. By pumping certain skills, you modify the battle tactics for yourself, whether it is defensive or attacking. Subsequently, you will have individual skills both in defensive ranks and in attacking ones. The only thing is that later it will be difficult to reconfigure from one tactic to another, again this will depend on your choice. As practice shows, players often use attacking skills, and only the most powerful ones are pumped from defense.

His first incredible ability is Cleave, which attacks and also replenishes Qi. When it is pumped, it becomes dangerous in that it inflicts blood flow and can use lifesteal.

the game Blade and Soul assassinThe Shadow Master has 14 skills that can be upgraded.

Excellent damage is Reproach in the heart. When this skill is pumped, it can enter a state of invisibility in the event that the target has been poisoned.

Third on the list is Backstab. Although the name is provocative, it is often used after inphys. This ability can become. When pumped, it easily breaks through the defenses of an enemy unit and knocks it back.

And what can change you and your enemy? Of course this swirl of leaves.

Mine acts the old fashioned way, it is laid down and after its activation, causes serious damage. When we upgrade a mine, it becomes a light bomb.

If you need to quickly approach the target, it will help in this case. shadow step. But this function is activated if the enemy looks at your back.

Skill Shadow dissections excellent damage can inflict one stack of poison and copes well with it. With a pumped skill, the hero can deliver from three to five hits.

Shadow Master maleA variety of skills of this class will certainly come in handy in battle and lead you to victory.

If there is no desire to rush into direct combat, you can use poisonous cloud. It is a poison that is sawn, poisoning enemies. When the level is pumped, it blocks the enemy’s defense, which allows you to go on a counterattack and deprive the ill-wishers of extra hp.

To weaken the target by inflicting good damage on it, use Decapitation. This is one of the move abilities, players often use it as the main attack engine.

shuriken easy to use and in its functions. It poisons, but only if pumped.

The last ability on the list is Invisibility. Initially, he takes the hero out of the state of the camp and blind the ill-wisher, when you only wish it.

Shadow Master’s tactics in Blade and Soul.

Shadow Master GirlIf tactics are not your forte and you are sure that you have nothing to do in the game, you should just try to play. In Blade and Soul, there is a minimum of difficulties, and maximum pleasure.

If tactics are not your forte and you are sure that you have nothing to do here, you should reconsider your views and just try to play. Here the difficulties are minimal, and the pleasures are maximum. What is the main thing here? Attention and nothing else. You need to control the filling of rage.

Let’s say there is a battle with the boss, what should I do? We attack, using Ghostly Dance in parallel, but if you are a fan of mocking the enemy, you can leave this ability for dessert. An alternative to dance is poison breath, as it has a lower cooldown. When a powerful attack is carried out and the enemy is in a state of shock, does not know what to do, inject an injection into the heart. This gesture will make you invisible (the boss’s shock increases even more), well, then you don’t even need a textbook, we continuously click RMB until you have enough rage (this is enough for at least four hits).

It happens that rage is gained not once, but several times. Such luck will only play into your hands, I update with the help of Poison Shuriken and go on the attack. When the stamina is at the limit and there is nothing more to interrupt, we exit the invisibility by clicking on the left mouse button, this will add about three more points of rage to us. When counterattacking, use shurikens, this does not always work, but at the right moment it can greatly weaken an already shocked boss. Every 3 seconds we use Stab in the heart (you already know the benefits of this).

Master of Shadow class overview


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