The developers of Seven Deadly Sins: Origin continue to share gameplay from this cross-platform game. This time it comes to the combat system – players control a group of 4 characters, one at a time; You can switch between them, just like in Genshin Impact.

Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will offer world boss battles that last about 30 minutes. To defeat them, you must constantly dodge targeted and AoE attacks, which is reminiscent of the Monster Hunter series.

Fights take place in different locations, and 7DS: Origin is frighteningly reminiscent of Genshin in places. Unfortunately, there are no stealth options, so you have to attack a huge camp of monsters and destroy them all at the same time. Moreover, some of them fight in close combat, another part in long-range combat, and still others generally add buffs in the form of magic shields.

And here is part of the map. Looks pretty big. Moreover, the purple “fog of war” indicates that the territories will expand over time.


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