The update will be released in stages: the first set of content will become available on November 7.

The update adds new game mechanics and content that introduces players to growing crops. Gamers will be able to plant a variety of crops in the game, including millet, garlic, leeks, parsley, wasabi and turnips, using a range of new tools such as a hoe, seed bag and watering bucket. Farmers will now be able to create land and water fields, including the very distinctive rice terraces.

In addition, players will also notice that deforested, overharvested, or slashed resources will slowly begin to regenerate. This will also include mineral deposits that will have a small chance of being reborn.

In the south of the game map, users will encounter the new farming village of Aratani. Growing rice in Aratani is a community affair, and here players will have the opportunity to interact with new characters and merchants.

The developers will announce future changes later.


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