Slayaway Camp 2 is a mobile game in the scary puzzle genre. It is inspired by the Friday the 13th franchise and is available on the App Store and Google Play. Its publisher is Netflix, so you need to have a subscription to play the game.

The gameplay of Slayaway Camp 2 is similar to the first part – the player controls Jason Voorhees, who walks along the cells on a small map. His goal is to destroy all vacationing young people.

For completing challenges in Slayaway Camp 2, the player receives stars. He can also gradually unlock new monsters, ghosts and other killers; Each type of character has its own unique abilities. For example, monsters turn their victims into hungry zombies.

Moreover, if local puzzles seem difficult, the developers have added previews with solutions. And in the interval between murders, you can collect weapons well hidden in the levels.

I’m glad that Slayaway Camp 2 does not have in-game purchases due to the Netflix subscription. On the other hand, the game doesn’t feel “premium”. It is more reminiscent of former F2P projects in Apple Arcade.

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