Companions in Neverwinter Online play an important role in the game and you need to choose them correctly

Almost every MMO RPG has its own system of satellites. These are certain NPCs that help your character in combat. Not without them and in Neverwinter Online. The choice here is very large, and you want to take some satellites solely for their appearance or name. Or – and for that, and for another. Most of the companions here are quite classic – they are humanoids of various races (humans, elves, dwarves, and others) and all kinds of beasts like the Wolf or the Boar. But there are also more exotic options – for example, the Frost Mimic (an evil tanking chest), or the Laughing Skull (another funny tank, a reference to the game Planescape: Torment).

But are there many benefits from satellites? It all depends on whether you chose the right “accompanying” for yourself, and also whether you bothered to pump and equip him. Of course, in any case, this companion will not replace another player for you, but it will be useful. But, before we talk about what kind of companion is needed for what, let’s look at the basics.

Key Features of the Companion System in Neverwinter Online

companion quest neverwinter onlineThe first companion is given by the quest for lvl 16 in the Protectorate and is called from the inventory

First and foremost, all companions are available to all characters, regardless of race or class. There are no restrictions, as in many other MMO RPGs, here. Although this does not mean that all satellites “here and immediately” will be available to you. To get started, you will need to upgrade your character to level 16. After that, you will receive a quest from Sergeant Knox to get a companion. This quest is called “Companion”, and you will receive it in the Protectorate, during the main storyline, so you will not pass by.

So you passed the task, received your first companion, and now you decide – what to do next? So, the call is carried out through the inventory, and it can be made at any time, with the exception of the battle. The companion looks like an item in the inventory, and all its characteristics are listed there – handy when you need to decide who will accompany you today. Each of your companions has their own active bonus that strengthens you. In order for this bonus to work, you must place a companion in an active slot – it is not necessary to summon. There can be five such slots in total, new slots open as you level up (the last one is at level 60), and all satellites placed in them give you their buffs, which are summed up. By the way, you cannot have two identical partners in your asset.
Another thing you should definitely know about companions is that they only work in PvE. Solo boost? As much as you want. Passage of dungeons? If you want, please. And in PvP, you can forget about companions. Here they cannot be summoned, their active bonuses also do not work.

Upgrading and acquiring satellites

companions neverwinter online satelliteYour companions level up along with you, but they need to be periodically sent for training in order to increase the rank

Your partners are not fixed in level – they develop with you. Ranks do not automatically increase – after you gain enough experience, you will need to send your companion for “retraining”. Click on the “start training” button (it will appear, rest assured) and … just wait. It takes a certain time to increase the rank, and the more, the higher the rank. It is possible to speed up the training by spending a certain amount of Astral Diamonds, although this is not necessary, especially if you are not in a hurry.

The maximum rank of a companion depends on its quality. It ranges from rank 15 for a white quality companion to rank 35 for a legendary one. Companions can be upgraded, but it will cost you several hundred thousand Astral Diamonds for each upgrade.

Your companions also have upgrade slots. There are three of them in total, you can insert a runestone into each, which will give one or another bonus, depending on the type of slot. But, for starters, the companion will have to be upgraded – only one slot is available at the first rank. The second opens at 10, and the third at 15.

There are many ways to get satellites. Some can be purchased from the Grand Market, Xen Market, and various merchants (like the Dragon Scale Merchant). To do this, you still need to collect the necessary currency – gold, Xen, silvery dragon scales, astral diamonds, or something else that the seller requires. Companions can also be obtained as rewards for completing quests, as well as at various events, such as the Winter Festival.

How to choose a companion

which satellite to choose neverwinter onlineCompanions have five classes: damage dealer, tank, healer, buffer and controller. Choose Your Companions Wisely

And finally, we will talk about how to choose your companions. The task seems to be simple, but many beginners make a lot of mistakes at this stage. In total, companions have five classes – this is the Attacker (aka a damage dealer), Defender (aka a tank), Overlord (aka a controller), Leader (aka a healer) and Amplifier (non-combat buffer). The first thing you should do is decide who will best complement your class’s abilities. A damage dealer, for example, might be a good fit for an Overlord, which will control mobs and make them easier to destroy. For a healer, a Defender is best, and for a tank, a Leader or Striker is best. In addition, do not forget about active bonuses. There are a lot of them, and you need to choose them based on the needs of your character. Again, for example, a tank does not need a chance of a critical strike (unlike a damage dealer), but it will need lifesteal or parry. In conclusion, I will only say that the correct use of satellites greatly simplifies the game and makes leveling easier and more fun. So, good luck with your choice of companions!

Video guide to satellites in Neverwinter Online


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