Sanity Chase (Lost in Dreamland) is a mobile game with isometric gameplay and an emphasis on multiplayer. Gamers are divided into 2 teams in a “2 vs 5” format; One team is the hunter, and the other is the hunted. The goal of the latter is to repair all generators on the map using QTE moments.

Sanity Chase is undergoing a trial launch in the US on Android. This game is reminiscent of Identity V, Dead by Daylight and Mission Zero.

Sanity Chase has a tutorial that will not only take players from hiding from hunters and fixing generators, but also putting them in a prison cage. Their comrades can rescue them from there, but only by hiding from their enemies. And to look unique, you can collect and knock out skins.

Survivors and hunters have active skills, as well as the ability to climb over obstacles and hide in tall grass to evade pursuit. Among the advantages of this game, I will also note the pleasant voice acting, clear interface and generally unusual gameplay.

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