Titanite is a mobile game in the sandbox and survival genre. The developers say that you can play through Google Play USA and Indonesia, but I only saw the “Install” button in the second country.

In Titanite you need to create an avatar to survive in the big world, collect resources and build your base. In addition to the pickaxe, players will use special cutters similar to No Man’s Sky. In general, this also applies to trees.

More advanced players will participate in raids on robotic dinosaurs. To do this, they need to craft weapons and a vehicle. After defeating the monsters, they can be tamed.

Judging by the description on Google Play, Titanite also has multiplayer. You can create an alliance with your friends and defend your home together. It is also worth participating in tournaments to show the strength of your clan.

Titanite may seem boring at launch because the basic gameplay is no different from other survival simulators. But in high-end content, it will be possible to collect mini-robot equipment and pour a lot of damage into the enemy using machine guns.

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