A strange mixture of FPS and Roguelite – Roboquest from RyseUp studio – is almost ready to leave early access. The developers have clarified that the lightning-fast cooperative shooter will be released on November 7 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game will appear in Steam, EGS And Microsoft store, and the price will be about $25. Let us recall that Roboquest in early access since August 20, 2020, and in January 2023 it appeared on Game Pass.

Roboquest is a high-speed shooter designed for one or two players, where we will play the role of robot guards – warriors armed to the teeth, eager to fight. On their behalf, we will explore various randomly generated locations, destroy crowds of enemies and collect upgrades to upgrade ourselves and our weapons. The goal of the game is to perfect your camp and equipment, unlock powerful skills, and plunge the world into absolute chaos.

In our opinion, Roboquest is an ideal option for a few evenings. There wasn’t a lot of content in Early Access, which is why the gameplay quickly became boring and monotonous. We hope that after release they will add more activities, and that the game will not get lost among other brighter FPS.



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