Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing have released a remastered version of the 2013 cult roguelike action game Risk of Rain Returns. The developers have improved the style of the game, added new unique loot and updated the multiplayer mode, which Risk of Rain 2 players really liked. Steam There is a 15% discount on the new product, which will end on November 16 – hurry up to grab the game for only 467₽.

Risk of Rain Returns takes us to Petrichor V, a planet inhabited by a variety of creatures from the far ends of the galaxy. Once upon a time, their worlds were destroyed, and an unknown force brought them to this place. Will they be happy to see us as new guests? Hardly. We’ll have to make our way through 10 different biomes, activating ancient teleports, and get to the ship we left behind in order to get away from here.

But that is not all. The game offers 15 heroes with their own fighting styles and skills, for whom we have to go on a journey. Looks too simple? Then it’s time to complicate your gameplay with the help of various artifacts. One gives random equipment, another summons demons every 10 minutes, and the third… no, better go to Risk of Rain Returns and find out for yourself.

It would seem that Risk of Rain Returns was released only yesterday, but it has already hit the jackpot based on positive reviews – almost 2 thousand satisfied reviews in Steam. But this is not at all surprising; the entire Risk of Rain series has sold millions of copies and is still selling well. For the same Risk of Rain 2, an addition was recently announced Survivors of the Void.

By the way, you can play Risk of Rain Returns not only on PC, but also on Nintendo Switch.



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