Previously, insiders stated that the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI should take place at the end of October 2023. At this time Rockstar Games uploaded 2 private videos on one of your channels. Bye

Insiders immediately decided that this meant an imminent trailer and announcement of GTA VI. I decided to double-check this information and came across a comment user with a screenshot from the Chinese Rockstar Games account. He states that these private videos have already been published for Chinese gamers, and posts have also been created.

It turned out that this was an announcement of skins and events for Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online. They are dedicated to the celebration of Halloween. So we should wait for the announcement of DLC trailers.

Nevertheless, Western and domestic sites are already hyped about the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI, deceiving their readers and forcing them to update the pages of Rockstar Games social networks in the hope of getting something that ultimately will not happen.

I’ll put in my 2 cents – most likely Rockstar Games will hold at least an online presentation, and not just publish a trailer or teaser.

Update 18:16

The first post has already appeared.


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