According to the community, Udyr the Spiritwalker is the biggest in League of Legends needed to rework the model and skills. Apparently, the new vision of the hero is almost complete – Riot shared a gameplay trailer.

The developers have not yet provided an exact description of the changes, but they have sewn up a lot of hints in the video. Udyru is left with four stances, which he switches between to give himself certain traits. However, they are no longer associated with the tiger, turtle, bear and phoenix, but with the Freljord gods.

For example, the new phoenix stance will no longer burn opponents, but freeze them, since the goddess Anivia is associated with the cold. Probably, the rest of the skills were dedicated to the spirit of blacksmithing Orn, the embodiment of the storm Volibear and the tenacious Iron Boar.

An updated version of Udyr should appear in League of Legends along with patch 12.16. It is expected to be released at the end of August.

Trailer in Russian


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