Ricochet Squad is a mobile game that mixes game elements from 2 games: Fallout Shelter and Tacticool. We have already recorded and described the gameplay for it, all this can be seen in a separate news.

The trial run is ongoing for Ricochet Squad on Google Play Philippines. Last time there were serious problems with high ping, so I hope that they have been fixed.

I would like to note that this game is being developed by My.Games studio, known for the following projects:

Despite the trial launch, Ricochet Squad already has a battle pass and seasons. There are few heroes – only 5 operatives, and 2 of them are closed.

Upgrading heroes is done with one button. As for the similarities with Fallout Shelter, for now it ends with the design of the main menu and its sections.

That is, you cannot create new rooms, set up production, or send characters on expeditions. To do this, it is better to try Fallout Shelter Online.

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