Publisher Netmarble showed the game RF Online Next, which is being made for PCs and smartphones. The setting in the game will be popular science, and the combat system will be unique and skill-based. Gamers will be able to choose 1 of 6 biosuits, which they can freely switch between in the heat of battle, depending on their needs.

Players will also be able to summon huge robots that will help them in battle. You can sit in them as a pilot and control them.

RF Online Next also features a free flight system. Thanks to this, you can change height, accelerate, dynamically land and soar above the ground. This will allow you to quickly move around locations and explore the world.

There will be many world and huge bosses in the world of RF Online Next. Players will form raids to deal with them. They will have to summon mechs, fly in bio-suits and use everything in their arsenal.

Also, players from different worlds and servers will fight each other in large-scale PvP battles to capture valuable resources.

At the G-Star 2023 exhibition, the developers showed a demo build with a story mode. It is accompanied by high-quality cutscenes and events, during which players choose task cards and try to set a new time record in individual arenas.

The plot begins with the protagonist’s childhood, and then jumps into his adult life.

RF fans will be delighted to see some familiar faces appear, so you shouldn’t miss the story mode.

As for the event mode, it has elements from roguelikes – you need to choose cards that give passive boosts.

In total, in one arena you will have to fight 8 waves of enemies.

Source: Gematsu


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