Sometimes even avid MMORPG players want something very warm and sincere. Well, here such an excellent domestic game project as Royal Quest comes to the rescue. It was created by Katauri Interactive, who once made a classic in the form of Kings Bounty.

The first thing that caught my attention was the atmosphere of this game. My very first MMO game that I played for over a year was Ragnarok online.
But despite its sprite graphics and generally not very pleasant gameplay in places, the game was insanely addictive. It’s the same with our Royal Quest. Definitely nice, bright cartoonish graphics. Humor understandable to domestic players. And in general the atmosphere of a boundless world full of adventures. All this draws the player in at once.

Royal Quest takes place in the world of Aura, where magic, technology and alchemy coexist side by side. One day, Aura is in danger: black alchemists decide to seize power over a very rare and valuable mineral, elenium. To stop them, the king announces a recruitment of brave heroes who will be able to stop and drive out the alchemists, and as a reward they will be able to receive their own castle, title and land.

Pumping in the game is made according to the classical scheme. The player can choose from four starting classes and customize their appearance. Later, upon reaching a certain level, the user must choose one of two class specializations – they affect weapons, armor, as well as a unique set of skills and abilities.

But all this is trifles compared to the study of the world. You want to read quests, but you want to gather groups and go to dungeons. Naturally, this gives Talek to create clans and conduct castle sieges.

For the convenience of the players, there is a rest system. If the user is absent from the game for more than 8 hours, then for each hour of absence he receives a bonus to the experience gained. After returning to the game, the character will receive twice the experience for killing monsters and completing missions, until he reaches the maximum earned rest bonus. Moreover, if a player leaves the game before the bonus expires, he will continue to receive bonuses for being absent from the game, bypassing the 8-hour requirement.

So, the game is full of all sorts of interesting and pleasant little things that make me return to the game over and over again.


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