If you don’t know what to play, read our review of “World of Tanks” with an analysis of all relevant gameplay aspects.

So, World of Tanks is gone, what remains is World of Tanks. In the domestic gaming environment, the original project was very popular, and the popularity passed on to its spiritual successor. But what is the relevance there? Is it possible to break into World of Tanks in 2023, and what goodies await those who are not yet familiar with the project?

About all this and much more in order.

Beginning (for dummies)

Let’s assume that you have never played WoT at all, but decide to try the game in 2023. What awaits you? And a basic training and a starter pack of goodies awaits you along with a pack of noob equipment. The battles in the “World of Tanks” take place, don’t be surprised, on tanks, and therefore we will have to master a whole ton of models of varying degrees of freshness.

As part of the training, you will be told not only how to drive around the location and complete assigned tasks, but also how to shoot correctly. Each tank has its own vulnerable zones, hitting which can decide the outcome of the battle. You will have to go through the first matches side by side with bots, but for victories the game will give you starting bonuses, which will be enough to get more or less sane equipment.


The gameplay in World of Tanks is as simple as possible. Well, it’s simple – it’s only at first glance: we choose a clunker, go into battle, punish our enemies. In fact, each skating rink is a kind of chess match, where you need not just shoot, but simply “change the minds” of your opponents.

There are several hundred tanks in the game, and each of them has its own characteristics. Each model can be upgraded, each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses. Modules, characteristics, interaction with the team, and even some semblance of class division is available for stronger, more maneuverable or long-range vehicles.

But the essence of the gameplay is the same and does not change over the years – we go into battle, defeat our enemies. For every match, even a losing one, we receive silver and experience, which are then spent on repairs, buying new or improving existing equipment. You will spend hardly less time in the hangar than in direct matches, so get ready to think tactically and wisely choose a tank for each specific battle.

Graphics and modes

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The picture in World of Tanks is excellent, even despite the year the game was released. The developers know their stuff in this regard; the project engine was constantly modified, which had a positive effect on graphics and optimization. You don’t need to have a super computer for the game to “fly”; an average PC will be enough on which the client will run at a stable 100+ FPS.

As for the modes, there are few of them. We have a standard death match, in which those who destroy the enemy team and score the most points win. There is a “Counter Battle”, in which victory goes to the team that captures and holds one point, as well as “Assault”, where one group defends a control point, and the second tries to capture it.

Yes, not a lot, but, as time and practice have shown, Tanks fans don’t need many modes. Various cool formats are sometimes launched on holidays, but all this is temporary – in such events, as a rule, you can simply earn an additional reward.

Of course, there are also ranked battles in the game, in which outright “sweat” happens. In simple terms: in this mode, you meet particularly skilled guys who really spend a lot of effort to win every fight. There is no place for beginners in such places, so don’t even think about going there until you improve your technique and master all the intricacies of the local gameplay.

For fans of grinding, the developers of World of Tanks have added PvE modes, the purpose of which is for you to complete the same missions over and over again and receive silver for it. The higher you level up, the more expensive it will be to open the next equipment and modules for it, and therefore the excess currency here is felt only at the first levels.

In short, “World of Tanks” is one of those games in which you don’t need to play hard…often officially, but it is highly desirable if you want to at least pretend to be something on the battlefield.


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Leveling up in this game is a separate form of art. On the surface, experience and money flow in quickly, but you also quickly realize that all that you have achieved by reaching art is not even a hundredth of a percent of what you still need to achieve.

The developers from Lesta Games (after Wargaming left the Russian market, the rights to “World of Tanks” were transferred to another company) are trying to do everything to make the gameplay easier. However, the main goal of the game is to keep you playing for as long as possible, so the progression here, to put it mildly, is not the fastest.

You will receive bonus experience and money for the goodies you receive after matches. At the beginning of each day, players receive a x2 multiplier for goodies, plus numerous tasks in the daily format also allow them to get more of the desired numbers. Those who are not averse to speeding up their progress even more can buy premium status, but you can also get it for free by following a referral link from a blogger (albeit for a fairly limited period).

In World of Tanks you need to upgrade not only the tanks themselves, but also the crew. Experience can be transferred from one tank to another, and can also be purchased for donations. Real money can be spent on military equipment and various skins, of which there are tons of them. In short, just have time to open your wallet.


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Can World of Tanks be recommended to domestic players in 2023? Definitely, and even without my recommendations, the game is extremely popular among the Russian-speaking audience. The Ru version still receives stable updates, and only in some special cases does the Western version have something that is prohibited in our country.

Of course, the project has its drawbacks, but it has many more advantages. The game is free, beautiful, lively (there are a lot of people playing), and it’s quite addictive. Of course, you will have to grind and spend a lot of time upgrading your equipment, but this is the main point of this project. To run it, you don’t need to update your PC and have a couple of friends on your team, although with them the process of destroying the enemy will be significantly simplified.

In a word, you need to try, and draw conclusions… You will draw conclusions later.


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